At least they’re not aiming

Brian Close versus Michael Holding, 1976

intentionally for you at 1st base.

After reading about AA Tulsa Drillers Mike Coolbaugh coach, who was killed after being hit on the head with a line drive while standing as 1st base coach on Sunday and watching Mo’s video yesterday, I can understand why some are calling for the base coaches to wear helmets.

Dodger’s third base coach says that helmets won’t help and he’s been hit three times.

It is amazing with all the foul balls that are hit in all the games that go on in a year through all the leagues that this isn’t a more regular occurrence, especially when you have the bullpen up the first and third base lines, yeah they have people out there to try and block balls, don’t know if I’d like to try and block a Gary Sheffiled line drive.

Personally, even though I can see the argument for compulsory safety gear, if a coach wants to wear a helmet let them if they don’t, don’t force them.

And it certainly brought to mind the great confrontation between “Whispering Death” Michael Holding and the great Yorkshireman Brian Close at Old Trafford in the 1976 England v West Indies “Grovel Series”.

45 years old without a helmet, only his gloves, leg pads and a flimsy box to protect him, never gave into it, though bet he felt like a soft southerner when he slightly showed one had hurt him.

How would today’s players manage against such a hostile and great bowler as Holding without all their padding and face grilled helmet and limited amount of bouncers an over, can’t see Pietersen playing him off the front foot.

On the baseball front again. What about A-Rod?

Fourth ever player with eleven 35 home runs seasons
Second only player after Babe Ruth to eleven seasons with 35 homers and 100 RBIs
And the first player to do it 10 consecutive seasons.

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