Teh interweb don’t ya just

love it.

My site hosts decided they were going to change their system so PHP runs under PHPSuEXEC instead of the usual Mod_php.

Now was done because the PHPSuEXEC is meant to be more secure but it also means that certain things that can be done under the old setup cause problems, mainly file permissions – no 777 or 666 as they cause Internal Server Errors (Error 500) – and .htaccess files.

Well after a little checking the file permissions needed for various scripts I have on the sites worked OK, even after Text Link Ads said they wouldn’t. The compression command I had in the .htaccess file had to be removed, no PHP allowed in there, so a mass editing of every page header required – a major pain.

But it all seemed to work but…there’s always a but…I hadn’t sent out a newsletter since the change over, until yesterday. Now it was an old script and it obviously didn’t like this new fangled setup.

So off to find new mailing list software, found one that looked OK and seemed easy to setup. After installing I went through the options, looked at the instruction Wiki, gave it a once over not knowing that using the section that treats bounced mail shots would treat everything in my inbox as a bounce and delete them all after “checking them”. I’m sure there was a reason I was keeping the mails in there but now I’ll never know…and I think I miss set the throttling to send the mails out and I could be here for hours 😳

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