You know the answer Martin

but have you got the guts to do it.

Yes the front line didn’t have their best day on Saturday in the first game of the new Premier League season in an apt game for the “Stadium Of Shite”.

But they were certainly not helped by Martin’s team selection.

With Dawson pulling out injured why was Gardner brought in a the replacement, yeah Kaboul was making his debut – a reasonably good one at that – but there was no reason to stick him next to an accident waiting to happen who you’ve been trying to get rid of at any opportunity just because he has experience in this league. Rocha should have been in the centre with the new guy. If Gardner had to be played he might as well played at left back, can’t have been much worse than sticking Stalteri there.

But again it’s the midfield where all the problems really start and it’s time for Jol to prove his worth and show it’s him picking the team not the chairman. Yes the left hand side is always going to be a problem until they get an actual left footer in there, Martin Petrov was lost to Svennis and City and promptly showed his worth in their first game, Morten Gamst Pedersen and Charles N’Zogbia were two who should have been chased more. So what’s left is Matt Taylor from Portsmouth, he can cover at both left sided problem positions and has ability. £8m is a lot, more than he’s worth but cover on the left is immediately required so that might have to be the price paid oh and Tainio hasn’t got the guile or class to play wide.

But it’s Jenas who does not have the ability to lead the team’s play who is the major weak link.

He is too soft poncing about unable to boss the opposition, getting overrun by far less experienced lower league players. He has no positional sense, does not know where his own players are or the opposition are leading to him taking his eye off the ball when receiving it. So the first touch is useless the ball not under control he then panics and so the second touch plays either himself or another Spurs player into trouble – that’s of course if it hasn’t gone straight to the other side.

Martin didn’t want him the chairman did, nothing can explain his presence in the side week in week out other than that and as long as he stays as the midfield focal point Spurs aren’t going to get far. He’s 24 now, been in the Prem for some years now and never shown any improvement so it’s not going to happen now, he’s got his starting XI place and his flash car, Baby Bentley probably, so he’s happy.

So come on Martin pick the team to win…

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