We’ll learn from this

is said after after every loss by the England cricket team.

Nearly every player or coach comes out with that phrase after a loss, it’s almost a habit like a footballer saying “you know” ten times a sentence.

But do they?

Have they learnt that Strauss can’t hit himself out of bad form in tests, he’s not trying to bat himself into some sort of form he’s just wildly wafting at anything an everything.

Have they learnt that Cook needs some serious work done with him about his head. It’s not just it’s position falling over to off as he gets off balance trying to play round his leg but it’s the inside someone has to ask why he thought it was a good idea to keep flicking balls to leg side with three close catchers surrounding him there waiting for the inevitable.

Have they learnt that Pietersen still bats for himself even when it appears he’s doing it for the team – “right got my three figures done my part what’s the point of hanging on here to try and bat out the day I’ll start wafting about at anything”.

Have they learnt that “catches win matches” that when the stumper drops easy ones there maybe something wrong with the way he’s going about things. And it’s not just the faults with his footwork which everyone else has seen it’s the fact he seems to flinch his face away from the ball when it comes near him so his body is fighting the direction his arms need to go in. Also if he is going to drop dollies and gob off he needs to get the runs he is supposed to be primarily in there for. One thing though you can’t blame him for most of the record breaking number of byes this summer.

Have they learnt that giving your wicket away easily isn’t going to win you games or series, you think they have when they get a good start and then airy fairy waft and back to the dressing room. Step forward Ian Bell.

Have they learnt that even though he may have got England’s “Man Of The Series” award Anderson only bowled that well in a couple short spells the whole summer. The rest of the time instead of doing what he can do, try and get it to swing by bowling a good length, he was banging it in short and wide trying to break records for byes and doing his usual of getting wickets off rank bad deliveries. The Harmison syndrome – living off one decent performance a series/summer. Sidebottom was by far England’s best bowler but had absolutely no luck at all.

Well as they haven’t learnt about these obvious points since the last time they said “they would learn from this” I doubt they will this time. 🙄

Also a good TMS without Blofeld and White.

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