Weak, worthless

spineless and clueless.

Could go on more and more and it’s not just Jenas now, it’s bad enough when it’s just him, it’s almost all of them – Kaboul can escape criticism for now.

Yeah they’re good on paper and good in the dressing room but what’s the point of that if they’re crap on the grass.

Where are Huddlestone and Taarabt?

Hmmm seem to recall this kind of thing happening last year, unbeaten in meaningless pre-season games and disappointing in the Prem but last year they were creating chances, getting out of the blocks early and battering the opponents goal, that certainly ain’t happening in ’07 – though Defoe is still managing to hit the ‘keeper with shots.

They can’t wait for the first UEFA Cup game to get the season on track…

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