One question answered

or was it.

I posted yesterday asking what was up with Alan Hansen’s face on MotD on Saturday night, got a fat lip, and a couple of scars under his left eye and that whole side of his face was puffy and looked like it had taken a beating.

I’d searched threw the usual interweb channels to find out if anyone had any info but couldn’t find anything. So I was surprised when Gary Lineker brought it up last night on MotD2 and also slightly surprised by Hansen’s reply.

He said he had an accident with a candle, bit of a wax fire up in his face, first thought was has he been watching too many crap films with Madonna & Willem Dafoe, then I had to get that image out of my head.

So I was left wondering, this happened sometime between Wednesday when he looked his usual self and Saturday, now if you were burnt on the face like that would you want to have to go on TV with a bunch of slap all over any injured areas, don’t think I would and it’s funny how his eyebrow seemed to survive. Not that I’m a conspiracy theorist mind, though still think they didn’t land on the moon in ’69.

Maybe it’s a lesson for him in the future if he takes those red tinted specs off he might see things like flames a bit better 🙄

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