The other question is

what’s happening with Martin Jol.

Martin Jol acknowledges the Spurs fans
Martin Jol acknowledges the Spurs fans

How long has he got at the Lane and should he really be the one that goes? OK that’s two more questions…

I don’t know how long he’s got, a win over ManUre who after all are in a worse situation than Spurs right now in the next game might not be enough if it’s up to certain individuals but should it be these individuals that go before the Boss. And how many times have you heard of bookies getting things wrong?

Martin has basically told us what’s going on…

I thought there were whispers last year – and there are whispers at any club all the time.

I don’t know if I’m being undermined. I don’t think so but you never know. Martin Jol

Certain people…cough…Levy…cough…Comolli…don’t like Martin anymore and want to get rid. Yes they can make all the claims they want about backing the manager – kiss of death that is – and the club spokesperson can say that vice-chairman Paul Kemsley and club secretary John Alexander were in Spain for a private meeting with Alvaro Torres but was it then not private and why was Sevilla manager Juande Ramos present?

Yeah I’ve had a few things to say about Martin’s team selection over the last few years, what is going on tends to reinforce my view that he’s not in total control of who does and who does not play – yes I’ll say it again the chairman wanted Jenas, Martin thought he was a waste of money. One thing brought up is why would they sack Jol after giving him so much money over the summer to spend but did they give it to him or did Levy and his chums go on the spending spree themselves?

No I don’t want to see Martin sacked, yes Ramos and Jurgen would be good coaches for the club if they didn’t already have one and changing managers every three years a few weeks into the season gets a team nowhere.

Unfortunately there’s still too many football chairman/directors that want to manage the team because nothing much has changed in the last 50 years since Len Shackleton contained a chapter in his autobiography (“The Clown Prince of Football”) entitled “The Average Director’s Knowledge of Football” which consisted on one blank page…

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