I didn’t hear Rafa or

the media bleat so much before.

When Gerrard dived into Petrov against Villa in their opening Premier League game to “win” a free kick which he then converted to win the game and deprive the Villa of a point.

I can’t remember them bleating so much after Gerrard fell down (dived) in the area and a certain Rob Styles gave them a penalty in Liverpool’s opener of last season against Sheffield Utd, which cost Utd the win and therefore two points which would have given them 40 points for the season and kept them up.

I can’t rmember hearing any bleating when Gerrard should’ve been sent off for some of his over the top two footed lunges but wasn’t.

Just too many in the media wearing scouse red tinted specs these days, even ex-Toffees by the looks of it at times. At least it gives the lucky (and charmless) Benitez more chance to whinge the Spanish Wenger who can never praise anyone else always has his excuses ready and an outsider to blame.

Losing two points to Chelsea won’t cost them the title the introduction of the back pass rule did that back in ’92.

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