It was guaranteed to happen

Fulham’s luck would change.

And it would change the day they played Spurs.

Pretty much outplayed for the whole game Fulham, who had been denied legit goals, points and wins in their previous games when playing well, would somehow come back against Spurs on Saturday from being 2-0 down and 3-1 down with the aid of two flukey goals to get a three all draw.

Usual scapegoats were cited after, Robinson who could do nothing for the two flukes, some people thing he should live on his line except of course when a goal goes in and then they start to whinge that he doesn’t come out. He is looking a bit shell shocked at the mo, maybe it requires a bit of Calamity from James for England on Saturday.

And of course BMJ who was criticised for the substitutions. All the time people are moaning about Defoe wasting on the bench so it comes on does sod all and it’s Martin’s fault, err no, would he have expected more from the player who is trying to get into the first XI, was Keane really running things yes he laid on the goals but there was still something missing there. Martin was at fault for the other sub, Dawson for Malbranque, the Frenchman wasn’t having his best game back at his old club but if BMJ wanted things stiffened up defence wise he should have brought off Jenas as this would have done the trick as well as also improving the attack. With Fulham dead and buried it would have been the ideal time to bring on Taarabt.

Yet again Jenas’ lack of ability and brain was shown when he could have scored a couple of easy goals that would have finished Fulham, or killed off James Bond, but he hadn’t a clue what to do when clean through in the box, this lame brained ponce just ends up standing there as defenders take the ball off him. You wonder what the likes of Tarrabt, Prince Boateng, Zokora etc think when they see this muppet picked every week while they get numb arses sitting on the bench, can’t do too much for team moral.

Again Bale looked well worth whatever they paid for him, Berbatov looked more up for it but something has to be done about the defence, all international players, three senior one U21, there should be more resistance than that.

So the ARSE after the international break…could be a sad end to BMJ’s stint…

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