Not another Hollywood remake

haven’t they got an original idea.

That’s what I wondered the other day, nah nothing to do with ads for the Russel Crow, Christian Bale remake of the classic “3:10 to Yuma” – a film I like even though I could never stand it’s two leads, Glenn Ford and Van Heflin.

Nah it was pics in the paper for the British premier of the film “Atonement” which got me thinking are Hollywood going to try and do to some classic British ’70s horror schlock, what they did with other Brit classics, Alfie, Get Carter, The Italian Job etc. That is ruin it.

And in a typical twist for modern day cinema they were going to get a woman to play the title role, played by a man in the original, oh how original.

Were they really going to get Keira Knightley to play Don Henderson’s part in a remake of “The Ghoul“?

Keira Knightley plays The Ghoul
Keira Knightley plays The Ghoul

But then it dawned on me that the Ghoul character lives of eating the flesh off sacrificed individuals, right, I get it, eating, Knightley I now see where this would be a non starter.

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