Jose to the Lane

would he want to swap to a like for like situation?

Not that we’re like Chavski in all respects, we have a history, full stadium and don’t have billions of dodgy Russian rubles. But we also have the same situation that lead to Mourinho’s exit from the Bridge. Unless it was the club making him wear that official addidas outfit in the Champions League game against Rosenborg that made him look like a penguin.

There’s some muppet who is good mates with the owner, always hovering looking over the manager’s shoulder, probably getting in the owner’s ear about how someone could do a better job, at the Lane it’s Commolli whispering to Levy at Chelsea it was Avram Grant the former though is picking others where Roman’s mate has probably been after the job himself from the get go.

And then there’s the owner who thinks he knows how to manage the team himself anyway, dictating who he wants signed and played, did Jose really want Shevchenko? Well he might of to begin with, who wouldn’t want one of the best strikers in the game? But after he looked short of pace and gone as a player who would want to keep him and play him, not Jose but Roman did, nothing to do with them being best mates of course. Did he really want Ballack as well, knowing that he basically plays the same position as Lampard a player Jose knew and trusted.

Is the same thing happening at Spurs? Who really made those signings in the summer attributed to Martin Jol?

Roman was also dictating formations and style of football, which has totally upset the success they were having, it’s no coincidence that once the owner started to have this type of influence over the team affairs Chelsea didn’t win the league and began to crumble, you don’t see it at ManUre or even ARSEnal. I didn’t think he would be at the club this season, I don’t think he would have stayed if they had retained the league title or won the Champions League, he’d want to leave on a high as he did with Porto.

All this crap about the team being dull, well yes they ground out some 1-0 wins but to win the title you have to do that, they also put a large number of goals past teams during the period Mourinho was in charge and played some fast flowing football with their wide players and if Abramovich wanted white knuckle excitement why didn’t he stick with Ranieri? Hopefully now Chelsea will start doing the Spurs thing and changing manager ever few seasons getting nowhere, then how long will Roman and his rubles stick around?

So would Jose want to be in the same situation at the Lane, that’s if possible new owners are like the current ones and don’t think along the lines of Len Shackleton, maybe, I feel he’d want to send a message to his previous employers and what better way than do well with a rival.

Would I want Jose at the Lane? Yes, he’s a good manager, yes he had cash at Chelsea though he would get some at Spurs but cash doesn’t equal success and he didn’t have cash at Porto and they did not bad under him. Also I like the guy, anyone who can piss off every Celtic fan on the planet, wino nose Fergie, the Spanish Wenger and the Whinger himself is OK with me.

As much as I like BMJ as a bloke, Jose is a better manager and I think what could he do with the undoubted talent there is at the club, I doubt Jenas would get a game, it’s time for head over heart.

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