It didn’t spark

it didn’t impress as much as it should.

Despite Tottenham’s 6-1 stuffing of a very poor Anorthosis Famagusta side, there was something missing from the games of last year.

There wasn’t that get at ’em early, slick speedy way they went about the UEFA cup in the last campaign, how many shots did their ‘keeper have to bother about in the first 15 minutes? Last year there would have been a bundle, of course most would have hit him or he would be scrambling to see them past or hitting the woodwork but there’d be a real zip and a real attacking confidence to the side, that was missing last night, they didn’t come to life ’til the three goals just before half time.

Most the action came down the East Stand side, with Malbranque and Assou-Ekotto seeing most of the ball in the first half and then Lennon and Shimbomba (© David Pleat) in the second. Unfortunately for all Lennon’s good running with the ball his final ball sucked all night, as it flew over the box time after time. I thought the other two did quite well in the first half, some good direct runs by Steed but again final ball lacking from both.

It was a surprise to see midfield without Jenas poncing about in there, but I’d have liked to have seen Prince Boateng given a go as Zokora didn’t impress again. He should be the old head in there to command the younger troops but he just doesn’t. There was some immaculate passes for the Hudd, one especially to Keane who should have done better, but the big feller was slack and lazy in possession at times and if he doesn’t learn he hasn’t got all the time in the world he isn’t going to be able to put in those balls.

Keane should have done better could have been said a number of times, took his goal well but the rest of the game there was an awful lot of needless fancy dan flicks and pointing and not much else. Maybe he just can’t work alongside Bent who looked to have no confidence and out of his league, again though the goal he scored he did well chasing down and getting it in from a tight angle but his inabilities were highlighted by Defoe’s late two crackers.

Bothe excellent goals, as everyone knows Defoe can produce, that didn’t hit the ‘keeper of woodwork which he normally does. I’d like to see a Defoe / Berbatov partnership given a go by Martin, was the latter being saved for Bolton at the weekend or being taught a lesson having to sit on the bench against an easy side?

The defence yet again couldn’t keep a clean sheet, with some shockingly slack defending, how many times have we heard that of late? Kaboul looks a good player but there’s the touches of Ferdinand about him when he comes out into the midfield, commits and sells himself too easily at times, leaving large gaps behind him, he’s got the talent but is anyone teaching them how to defend?

Well a good performance and result kick started last season, they got the result this time – only British team to win in the UEFA cup last night – but the performance just wasn’t there…yet…

Though one member of staff provided a bright spot…

Yiddo!! Yiddo!! Yiddo!!

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