Martin is testing the patience

of those fans that backed him.

Through all the speculation over Martin Jol’s job since pretty much the beginning of the season has had the backing of the majority of the fans, most of us like the guy but he’s testing that backing.

And final straws have been reached for many.

Spurs boss Martin Jol

It wasn’t the fact that after taking the lead they could only get a 1-1 draw with, then bottom of the league, Bolton, it was the team sheet and squad list for the game that took so many aback.

OK Kaboul was injured, so maybe Rocha had to play but the fact Bale and Defoe were not on the bench has dismayed many backers of Jol. The young Welshman has by far been the bright spot of the disastrous start to the campaign, has given the team width and an attacking outlet down the left with it also meaning that Lennon, who was on the bench, can play on his natural right side.

Defoe needs a run of games he showed what he can do against Famagusta on Thursday with two exceptional goals but he was missing because Bent could replace either Robbie Keane or Dimitar Berbatov upfront, whereas apparently Defoe can only come on for Keane, according to Martin. Now the rumours were Jol is punishing Defoe for not signing a new contract, though I do wonder if he’s doing this of his own free will, or is it Levy that wants him to sign as well as wanting his £16million flop signing to play, I still think this is the reason Jenas plays nearly every game and is never brought off no matter how useless he is.

Is Martin tring to get fired? Are these team sheets resignation letters?

2 Replies to “Martin is testing the patience”

  1. Nah, think you’ve got your Jermaines and your Jermains mixed up, I hate the former and not the latter.

    I just wish the latter would covert more, he has a great ability to get a yard of space from his defender and then hit the ‘keeper or woodwork instead of the net and would be the best out and out striker in the country if he could convert more.

    Yes you’re doing not bad in Division Three 😉

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