Toxic Web 4.0

Toxic Web v4.0
Toxic Web v4.0

was almost here.

Started thinking the place needed a bit of a going over a bit back, decided to run the whole site with WordPress not just the blog. So began tinkering with layouts and designs, figuring what was needed in the line of plugins and such.

So three columns, tabs along the top, recent posts, recent comments, top commentators in one sidebar. Random flickr photos, YouTube videos, scrobbled tracks and albums, links etc in the other sidebar.

Then thought I might as well change to using the UTW plugin for tags, had used it for another site and it meant a bunch of things could be done with one plugin – tags, related pages, meta keywords and such – had thought of using it before with Toxic Web when changing plugins after a previous update had buggered up another plugin but chose to go with BunnyTags. Converting BT to UTW was a pain in the arse to get them to work mind.

But a little after I’d figured out all what I wanted WordPress announced version 2.3 would be out near the end of September and so it was duly released yesterday with a bunch of changes from 2.2.x.

First thing being it’s native tag support, which means UTW should be redundant but again, as with past major upgrades, they seem to have done certain things half arsed and many of the things UTW does in one package needs more plugins in 2.3 – you’d think they’d have included some way of managing the tags.

Then they’ve also changed the database schema which I’m pretty sure is bound to bugger up some plugins, especially the one I want to use so “only the currently active category is expanded to have its children displayed”.

Oh hum, will now have to figure out if everything works the way I want with this one.

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