A day with Dexter

Toxic Web v4.0
Toxic Web v4.0

no not the TV serial killer nor the tenor saxophonist.

But the new version of WordPress (2.3) named after the latter.

So I tried the new version yesterday with what I had done for version 4 of Toxic Web and it was as I thought in my previous rambling the various plugins I had that were to do with categories didn’t work.

I wanted the category list to only show the parent categories except when you were viewing a specific category and then it’s children would be displayed, Fold Category List, did that perfectly in the previous version but not know, I’ve botched together a bunch of is_ and !is_ statements to get something close but it ain’t quite there yet.

The front end of the site was going to be like now, welcome page, details of the different sections with a few of the latest posts from the blog so I looked for a plugin that could limit the number of posts depending on what part of the site it was, again there was one out there Custom Query String – UTW edition, which again now is borked. I’ve managed to get it to work for the WordPress conditional rules such as is_home, is_archive, is_date, is_feed, is_tag etc but so far changing the code to work for individual categories is beyond me.

The native tagging support new to v2.3 import works well enough from UTW, haven’t tried from BunnyTags yet will do later but as I said the thing seems half arsed with no management page. As Christine pointed out in reply to my previous rambling she has put up a Tag Management plugin, which is exactly the type of thing that should have been built in in the first place. Does exactly as it says on the tin, though not when using IE, for me anyway, works fine with FF but jscript errors in IE.

SEO Title Tag is another plugin that I ran into trouble with, works fine with everything except tag pages, which leads to another problem how do I get the “nicename” for the tags to show up? When looking at a page for a specific tag, say “New York Yankees” how do I get that phrase in the page title or a header for example, like you could do with the likes of UTW_ShowCurrentTagSet('tagsetcommalist'), UTW_ShowCurrentTagSet('tagsettextonly') in UTW. The code <?php echo get_query_var('tag'); ?> prints out the tag slug but I don’t want “new-york-yankees”. This would also be useful for adding meta keywords as UTW could do.

As I write this I figure I should have a look round some of the v2.3 compatible themes, chances are someone has come up with an answer.

The Quoter plugin had a small glitch where it would automatically add a comment to the textarea if you click a link to the comment, say in a recent comments list for example but that’s been sorted out.

One thing that did work was FAlbum, where in WP 2.2.x I’d get a load of jscript errors and it would totally hijack the sites tags so they were unusable it know seems to work OK, just a small jscript conflict with Alex King’s Wp Grins but that seems to come and go. Don’t know if I’ll include the FAlbum just yet.

Other than all that everything seems to work well I’m just glad I checked it all out on my box with Xampp than having to do it with a live site.

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  1. I hope to have CQS updated and added to the SVN any day now – the most complicated part of it is making sure it works correctly in the repository because I will be offering 2 downloads, depending on which version of WP people are running.

    <?php if(is_single()) {
    			$metatags = get_the_tags($post->ID);
    			foreach ($metatags as $tagpost) {
    				$mymetatag = apply_filters('the_tags',$tagpost->name);
    				$keyword = utf8_decode($mymetatag); // Your filters...
    				echo $keyword.",";

    Thanks to Covi this ouputs the tags without links so you can use them for meta keywords

    To output the “nicename” of a tag this is the code To output the “nicename” of a tag this is the code <?php single_tag_title(); ?>

    And Optimal Title works with the title of tag pages.

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