You spineless bunch of

useless, clueless, gutless muppets.

You’re a disgrace to your country, and have been in the four years since a once glorious team won the World Cup, since then you’ve been the worst holders of the trophy.

Well it worked last week, hopefully it will again this. Just helping with that siege mentality that got them past the Aussies and France, yeah like they read this place 😉

I actually don’t agree with Ashton this week on his selection, Hipkiss should have started in centre, I think Tait has looked lightweight in defence and going forward and he just looks like Harry Potter which you don’t want from a rugby player.

But 36 days after that 36-0 disgrace they have a chance to redeem themselves, the haven’t done that yet but remember lads when you walk off that park have no regrets…

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