If there’s a wrong way to do it

a Spurs board will find it.

Not content with everything that they did to undermine Martin Jol since the summer we now find out today they reached even scummier levels.

New Spurs boss Juande Ramos with the Spanish equivalent of the FA Cup

We were told, Thursday and Friday that it had all been agreed before the game against Getafe, board wanted rid they were going to sack Jol and gave him the chance to quit.

But no today we find that the board had decided he was going at the end of the UEFA Cup first group game no matter what as they’d given Ramos an ultimatum it’s a take it now or leave it offer, they hadn’t told Martin and were going to do so after the match, which they did.

Only problem being was of course it being leaked by someone, journalists knew the bookies knew and then someone Martin Jol knew texted him during the match informing him he had lost the job.

Now it’s said a friend of Martin let his fingers do the talkng and when Kemsley, who the boss described as a friend earlier in the week, leaned over and said something to Levy that made him smirk during the game he did have a phone in his hand.

But that wasn’t the moment because Jol without doubt knew at half time you could see it on his face, especially in his eyes as he sat down in the dugout there was a real sadness there.

Sevilla fan - UEFA Cup Final 2007 - Hampden Park, Glasgow
Sevilla fan who was sat behind me, that's when he wasn't running around celebrating or in dispair at the 2007 UEFA Cup Final at Hampden Park, Glasgow

So now Juande Ramos is flying into Luton airport, his representatives and those of Sevilla were at the Lane on Thursday banging out a deal that’ll see the Spaniard taking up a “dizzing offer” of nearly £5million a year.

One wonders what those Sevilla fans sat round me at Hampden in May feel at his departure, his arrival at their club somewhat mirrors the happenings at Spurs. He replaced a coach that had resurrected the club from mid table mediocrity and flirting with relegation, taken them into Europe with top six league positions and the fans didn’t see any need in replacing.

He’s also moving into the same situation he had at Sevilla with a director of football, who has too much power for some, though the one he had in Spain is certainly a class above Comolli.

One thing I have heard that I do like, beyond the usual he likes attacking football remarks, is that he’s a bit of a hard taskmaster and I feel that’s something required at this time with a group of players that haven’t really been giving it all for Martin Jol these last few weeks and need to pull their collective fingers out.

Just watch out for the back stabbers Juande…

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