Sad end

to a pretty good couple of years.

It wasn’t a great way for Martin Jol to bow out last night, a kinda limp 2-1 defeat to Spanish league strugglers Getafe.

Martin Jol

But it also kinda summed up Spurs under Jol and especially of late, take the lead, can’t hold onto it, be inept at set pieces, be disrupted by injuries, can’t defend for toffee, camp out in their area in the last 10 minutes but get nothing.

And so with only their second home defeat at home in European competitions the man that finally got us back into them says his farewell.

It was a surreal night really, Jol came out of the tunnel a little after everyone else, looked a bit jaunty, most hadn’t a clue things had been sorted out previously and this would be his final match in charge. Certain individuals had known, the bookies were taking big bets on Juande Ramos being the next boss in the early evening and as they slashed his odds all the way down they figured the bets were being placed by “Fleet Street types” and so the book was closed.

The game started frustratingly all too many fancy flicks and slack passes, Gardner who came in for the post-Toon shellshocked Dawson, looked better than I’d seen him in some time, more assured and his pace and long legs were getting him out of any trouble. Thankfully Jenas wasn’t included in the squad – was this the final straw for Levy dropping his golden boy? 😉 – but that balance still wasn’t there, Lee at left back kept trying to play it with his left foot for a change and in doing so kept turning into trouble – thank god Bale’s foot wasn’t broken on Monday night.

Then an excellent cross by Shimbomba (© David Pleat) perfectly unselfish knock back by Berbatov and Defoe scores with his head but just a couple seconds over two minutes later Getafe get a free kick and the panic starts. Starting too deep then running in right on top of the keeper with anyone taking charge or touching the ball they watch it go past Cerny with ease.

No organisation, no leader it’s gone on far too long with the defence and is a serious charge against Jol’s reign and something that’s gone against him and Chris Hughton. Gardner’s injury on half time didn’t help.

Second half started with the rumours, the Dirty Digger’s two big papers the Times and the Sun were leading with Jol’s resignation and that Ramos would be installed as soon as possible. Was it true was it just more media speculation, well when Martin took his comfy chair he had the look of a man resigned to his fate. It then struck me he hadn’t really been up in the technical area as normal, arms folded looking like a bulldog on a short leash. His eyes said it all.

Did the players know? Well they started better after the break by running at Getafe, created far more when the likes of Lennon just picked up the ball and ran at them. But they didn’t do it enough, never do, and didn’t run far enough, never rally getting to the byline to get crosses over or get fouls.

By now the rumours had got round the crowd they were singing Jol’s name, showing their respect for a man that deserved it. Then the Spanish side had to really go and spoil it a good break as Spurs were pushing up some shocking defending from Dawson, Kaboul and Lee and a nicely worked goal saw the game lost.

Was it at this point the architects of Jol’s demise shared a moment of delight as that fat oaf Kemlsey took a moment away from using his phone – not bothered with the game – to lean forward and smilingly whisper some sweet nothing into Daniel Levy’s ear producing a smirk from the odious little git.

Game over and no one was talking about the game just the boss because no one from the club was even talking about that to the fans or media, Martin was in the dressing room saying his goodbyes to players that have let him down over the last few weeks and the other little git the gooner Comolli – friend of Whinger who BMJ made look weak when they went face to face – was telling them Martin and assistant Chris Hughton would be leaving with immediate effect.

And that is that, was he pushed or did he jump? Does it really matter now, we all know that Jol conducted himself in a more honourable fashion than the brains trust in charge of the club, deserves to walk away with his head held high and a decent pay off.

Yes I’ve got some gripes against the way Jol did certain things, Keane should have come on far sooner last night. Danny Murphy should have been used more, he could hardly have been used less, Jenas why? But how much of any problems was down to Jol and how much down to those in charge. Who had say over the coaching staff, better defence and goalkeeping coaches were needed – I see today Hans Segers will be leaving the latter role he held – and who really spent the so widely reported figure of £40million in the summer on bums like Bent when other areas needed reinforcing more than the forward line.

Two fifth place finishes, two forays into Europe through league place for the first time in ages, huge boost to club finances, just not enough these days and a few weeks into a new season and were looking for a new manager again.

Martin leaves saying…

I can understand the position of the Club in light of the results. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Tottenham Hotspur is a special Club and I want to thank the terrific staff and players. For me the fans were always amazing with their support so I would also like to say thank you - I shall never forget them Martin Jol

But you wouldn’t blame him to follow a previous legend out of the club and look back over his shoulder and say…

There used to be a Football Club here Keith Burkinshaw

Chris Hughton , who has come in for some stick over this season, could also not be blamed for doing the above as he leaves the club he’s served so loyally for most of the last three decades as player and coach.

No doubt Martin will walk straight into another job, Ajax being the heavy favourite after their boss was tapped up by Chelsea, though of course one of Jol’s previous clubs Coventry could be looking for a new man soon 😉 English football will also miss him, he was funnier and more honest than the likes of Whinging Wenger, or the Spanish Houllier Benitez.

Clive Allen and Alex Inglethorpe, two of the youth and development coaches, join a long list of caretaker bosses in the last 20 years, sixth since the league reconstruction, until terms can be hammered out for the perceived dream team of Sevilla boss Juande Ramos and ex-Spur and current Leeds number two Gus Poyet, anyone going to be holding their breath?


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