Scheduled entries


Just seeing what’s going on here.

Scheduled entries for WordPress don’t seem to be working anymore, used to work here quite well, I normally did them for the “It happened this week…” posts on a Saturday.

But noticed with a WP install for another site on the same host the scheduled entries function didn’t work at all, seemed to be a problem with the cron job as the wp-cron.php showed up a 503 error.

It’s a strange one the posts show up on the dashboard as “Scheduled entries” with the time to go before it’s published next to it – e.g. in 5 mins – but then when the time I’ve set has passed it just stays there with the time next to it showing how long since it was scheduled to be published and it doesn’t show up on the blog.

Now viewing the cron page with a browser does the job and publishes the post but that defeats the point of having it scheduled for when I’m not around to publish it myself.

Did wonder if it was something wrong with version 2.3, which I haven’t upgraded to here but used on the site I found the initial problem with but as it’s not working with 2.2 here though it seems to be working with a 2.2 installation on another server.

Will have to do some investigating.

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