You really

didn’t get me.

Picked up Ray Davies new album “Working Man’s Café” last week free in the Sunday Times, had a voucher figured it would be worth about 60p.

Ray Davies - Working Man's Café

Can’t say it got me, haven’t listened to it much it may be a grower but I don’t know if I’ll be giving it a chance, haven’t even ripped it into MediaMonkey yet it just sat next to a CD player for most of the last week and a bit.

Quite liked the first track, “Vietnam Cowboys”, and the last track on the free giveaway “The Voodoo Walk”, official store release has an extra two tracks but the rest sounds like one long song.

Intros are all the same, instruments are all the same, choruses are all the same they just sound to much like each other. Lyrically good as Davies normally is – though it’s a bit easy to have a go at globalisation or should that be Americanisation and the computerised world these days – and you know “Morphine Song” was written with some meaning after he was shot in New Orleans a couple of years back but musically not that great, I don’t know bland and soulless, even “Voodoo Walk” could do with something like a bit of surf style six string bass tremolo going and maybe he put more effort into the music at the expense of the lyrics with that one.

Still it were cheap and it was far easier to stand in Smiths with a copy of the Dirty Digger’s Sunday “quality” than the embarrassment of standing there with the Mail On Sunday as was the case with the Prince CD giveaway.

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