Catch the pigeon

catch the pigeon.

Catch The Pigeon
Imprint left by a hawk flying into a window, probably trying to catch a very fat pigeon that waddles up and down the fence reflected in the window. Measured about 2 feet 3 inches from wing tip to wing tip.

Concentrating highly on some problem or other on the PC, Van Halen live from Houston Texas circa 1979 blaring out of the speakers, when all I hear is the loud thud, could say I almost felt it as well.

What, where, who, how…

Take a wander round to investigate and come across this rather large imprint of a bird on the window, about 2 feet 3 inches across, looks like one of the local hawks was eyeing up this rather fat pigeon that’s been waddling up and down the fence but got confused by the reflection in the window.

Stupid bloody bird, was expecting to find it dazed on the floor – do birds have birds flying round their head when the get a knock? – But looks like it wasn’t that badly disturbed by the incident as it was no where to be seen, though there were other birds around that normally scarper when the hawks are about, might have been out for a giggle like those that sat on the fence in “Roobarb And Custard”.

Pic’s (click for bigger – some more pictures) not that great but close up you can see the outline of it’s beak and claws.

Dastardly and Muttley would be so proud…

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  1. At the beginnng I thought this was the photo of a supranatural appearance…Anyway, I know that hawk has charmingly round eyes bird, but I do not know that this bird is a bit stupid…

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