Have we only two more games

to put up with the McClown.

After he has gone and picked the show donkey Beckham in the next England squad of usual suspects, because he proved his fitness against a Hollywood XI.

I want rid of the McClown but if he does go it means we have failed to reach Euro 2008, it’s a big price to pay but it looks like more and more are willing to pay it.

Well we’ll know by the end of the month, if England are going to Austria/Switzerland and what the F.A. have in mind for McClown as he’s due to fly out to South Africa for the draw for the next World Cup qualifiers. If he’s not on that plane alongside Barwick and the others who have their noses in the trough on their jolly then chances are he won’t be around to bugger up our chances of reaching the next major tournament.

That buffoon Barwick shouldn’t be on that flight either after all McClown was his first choice 😆

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