I blame Gorbachev

for England’s problems.

If it wasn’t for his inability to keep hold of his little Soviet empire together there wouldn’t be all these teams for England to have to get past to reach a major tournament.

Instead of all these talented players filling out tens of teams – as I remember Chris Waddle saying on radio some years back “Georgia, Moldova, Pullover” – they’d all be fighting for eleven places in one side wearing either a red or white shirt with C.C.C.P. on the front of it – and they didn’t half have some ‘orrible examples of shirts over the years.

So because of good old Mikhail England can set up a base camp in Eastern Europe for the World Cup qualifiers starting next September, is Kazakhstan really in Europe? Need to ask Borat.

Not long ago we’d look at that group and think, well we’ll be in the finals, but on the back of Wednesday and the previous 15 months of McClown things are a bit more circumspect. Though if you pick the right manager and he picks the right system and then the right players to play in that system then Croatia should be the only obstacle an obstacle you have to overcome with only the group winners going through automatically the best runners up facing a two legged playoff.

Take out all those ex-Soviet satellites, merge the countries that broke up after the wall fell down back together again and you wouldn’t need eight groups of six teams and one group of five. Bloody Gorby.

Some comments were made over the weekend about the reaction towards those midweek failures for England during the Premier League games.

Certain radio and T.V. pundits who have life easy, all expenses paid didn’t seem to care for the boos directed at the likes of Gerrard – one of the biggest under performers and not just on Wednesday. One on 5Live just couldn’t stop himself whinging on about it didn’t like the fact that people texted in telling him to shut up about it. After which he started on about if fans can have their say then so can he hmmm forgetting he is a reporter so there to report what’s going on in the match, nobody gives a damn about his opinion as he desperately tried to be Alan Green for the afternoon.

But it was funny hearing the Toonites turn on Allardyce with shouts of “You don’t know what you’re doing”, “you should have stayed at the Reebok” and “Big Sam for England” hopefully the buffoon Barwick witnessed it from his South African jolly and won’t make the mistake of putting him on the short list this time around. If we’re even more lucky Allardyce won’t be in the Toon job much longer and the pull of the club he put before his country will be too much for Shearer to turn down.

Another who shouldn’t be added to the list another dullard Steve Coppell who bleated on about quotas for English players but goes out and buys scummy pikeys like Hunt, after that challenge on Man City’s Fernandes at the weekend is anyone in any doubt that he meant to go in on Cech. I was in no doubt when I first saw it and everything he’s done since has strengthened the case as he’s joined the likes of Bellamy and Savage on the list of those you’d be happy to see on the wrong or should that be right end of a career ending challenge.

Was the East End Pikeys reaction to the final whistle an indication of how lucky they thought they’d been to come out with a 1-1 draw on Sunday. As the game certainly didn’t match up with what they said afterwards and their complaints about the ref. One penalty that wasn’t given certainly was the one that was given certainly was and they committed near on 35 fouls and received 3 yellow cards, Spurs committed less than 10 and got one more booking, I can see why they weren’t happy with Mr. Burns refereeing the game 🙄 .

And you’ve got to feel sorry for poor old Derby, I had them down as posting the worst season in the Premier League, lowest amount of points, least goals scored, most conceded etc, before the season kicked off but after loosing their manager Davies today, you wonder who the next boss could be and one currently unemployed name crops up with connection to the Rams

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