Well it’s up

Toxic Web 4.0

But I’m leaving it now for the night.

Stuff it if things aren’t working right, a complete disaster FTP the thing, with folders ending up all places they shouldn’t, stuff not transferring, I just knew I shouldn’t have updated FileZilla before this place.

Oh well sod it, see how things go through the night, bound to be a load of problems, I knew there was a reason nowt hardly gets done on here on a Tuesday.

4 Replies to “Well it’s up”

  1. Me likey!

    I’d have never put this red and the orange together, but it works rather well. The look is quite unique and suits you I think 😉

    I like the side nav. Unfortunately the site is slightly too wide for my laptop screen in Firefox and when I use the side Nav to go up or down it jumps to the right a bit (side-scroll) making the tab out of kilter.

    Small problem though. Bloody good effort!

  2. Well that makes one person 😉

    Suit me do they 😀

    Yes the side nav was a bit of an afterthought stuck on when the rest couldn’t be resized as such. Probably is a bit too wide but sod it.

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