It makes me blue

Fools, I live with fools.

Now I like my sleep, as those that know me will attest, I can and have slept through things that would waken most. Earthquakes, car accidents, gun fire.

So it shows how loud and annoying that damn alarm was that woke me in the small hours this morning, don’t know if it was a car or house alarm but I’d bet it wasn’t set off by a car thief or house burglar. The alarm is the modern day boy that cried wolf – does anyone pay attention to them anymore?

I know the one over the road never goes off because of anything untoward only because of things they have hanging up and windows left open which cause the things hung up to move, last time it was painting taped to a wall, before that some stupid spinning mobile.

And when told that’s what’s causing the alarm to go off you are met with a blank stare and “It doesn’t happen when we’re around” – at this point too gob smacked at the fool to point out when they are about they don’t set the damn thing in the first place and even if I did it would make no difference.

Blue, it makes me blue. Makes me blue
Fools, (Oh!) I live with fools. Live with fools…

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