Let the vikings in

Monty Python - Spam

spam spam spam spammity spam.

Not bloody likely.

Read on my WordPress dashboard feed fro Askimet that Jesper Rønn-Jensen has announced he’s having a Spam Filter Free Day on December 15th – one of the few days not taken up with an “event”.

So all the plugins and methods they use to filter out the spam from ham will be switched off, according to their stats they’ve racked up over half a million through Askimet alone which is pretty good going.

Now I’m no where near reaching that, can’t remember what the Askimet count was on here before I changed everything but the last comment is number 13,963 and there certainly isn’t that many comments on here – you lazy buggers.

So no I won’t be joining them and any others that are going for it, Askimet, the comment form maths question, Bad Behaviour and the .htaccess file – the latter two stop a hell of a lot of stuff getting close to posting spam, especially one Russian scumbag who was hitting this place every few seconds – will be staying put now, on the 15th and thereafter.

Bloody vikings…

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