Meet the new boss

same as the old boss.

That’s what it seemed like watching Spurs one all draw with Anderlecht last night.

From the strange choice to start Bent and Keane upfront, now it’s a game you need to get something from, in reality a win was required, so you have to have your best partnership up front that means Keane and Berbatov. If you’re not picking them two then why not, to test how other gel together, well in that case you can’t include Keane as he’ll be sitting out the next three domestic games, so Berbatov has to play with one from Bent and Defoe.

Preferably Defoe who even if he never really takes his chance when he starts he’s a better bet than Bent who is a complete flop, looking totally out of his depth.

Next strange decision was Jenas coming straight back into the side, the midfield had looked so much better in his absence but as with the last manager no matter what Jenas is back in there to stink the place up. How bad does he have to play to get dropped, comes to something when you’re wishing an opponent would cripple one of your own team, his presence makes the games even harder to watch.

Then when it’s obvious to all that he’s playing his usual game, floundering about, playing others into trouble, giving the ball away, hiding and being an all round general ponce and should be subbed immediately you give the fourth official an almost impossible task – to find one of those electronic boards that can display the number of the player coming on and “Anyone but Jenas” on the other side.

The list of players Ramos and his team were thinking of bringing off for Prince Boateng somehow didn’t include the name of the worst player out there. Has Ramos been given instructions by Levy, the only person that wanted Jenas in the first place, to play him?

There’s even a suggestion that Jenas gave Dawson a shout which stopped the otherwise excellent defender on the night from clearing the ball that led to the Anderlecht goal. Yeah he won the penalty, that Berbatov didn’t half take cooly for the equaliser, but a better player would have given so much more.

This team last year would have eaten that tie up and they should of last night, they really needed to because any win for either Anderlecht or Getafe who play each other for their final group game will see Spurs finish second in the group and then have to face a team dropping out of the Champions League in the next round. So we need a draw between them as Spurs have a greater goal difference, I had wondered if it would be the head to head record used to separate teams on the same points which would favour Getafe over us and placed them second no matter the result.

Wonder what UEFA will do about the lighters, metal rods etc the Belgique fans pelted Robinson goal with near the end last night, no doubt not as much as if it had been from the other set of fans.

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