Bad boy

dirty boy.

Awoke this fine afternoon, christ it’s miserable outside, not feeling the best after a bad night to find this place had gone haywire overnight and that everyone was being punished for bad behaviour.

The Scrobbler plugin that posts my recent tracks from was being banned. Rutty mailed me to say he’s been banned and he was getting a message like this one.

Bad Behaviour warning
Bad Behaviour 403 error warning

Tried a comment myself and even I was banned, as Dougal would say…

What! – What? – What!… Man the lifeboats!… Ban the bomb!…
The dam’s burst!…Is me nightie on fire?… Vote Conservative!…
Keep off the grass!… What! – What? – What!…” Dougal

No idea what was going on, I hadn’t really changed anything, couldn’t be adding the theme switcher and the themes nah, was the place hacked, well I hovered over the “fix this yourself” link, didn’t want to head to a site that might be responsible for any hacking.

Ah I sort of recognise that URI it’s sommat to do with the “Bad Behaviour” plugin, a quick deactivate later and there we have it, problem solved.

Well partly as BB does keep out a lot of scumbags and their bandwidth thieving spamming ways so I kind of like having it on, quick search about and find it’s not the only case and all is explained at the Bad Behaviour site, duly upgraded to 2.0.11 and things seem to be back to normal now.

Well ’til the next problem…

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