A little upgrade

for those with little screens.

After Rutty’s comments about the new design being a little too wide for his laptop I figured I’d better look at a few stats and getting things to fit a bit better.

So a quick squizz at The Counter’s global stats shows that for the last year the screen resolution of 1024×768 accounted for between 50 and 53% of visitors they tracked.

Ah right so 50% of possible viewers would more than likely get a horizontal scrollbar, not good, I really should have checked this all out before and I normally don’t make fixed width sites any wider than about 970px. It was that little side nav that did it, that’s who I’m blaming anyway.

Right that meant a bit of cutting and cropping, a few pixels here a few pixels there, making sure it’s not too tight a fit for all the sections.

So there’s now a choice of themes for those with little 1024 screens and those with nice big browser acreage. The smaller theme is set as the default with the wider version being available from the theme switcher.

So a little Ctr+F5 might be in order.

Pain in the arse to see at The Counter that Internet Explorer 6 still accounts for about 50% of viewers, upgrade now you muppets.

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