Oh that was a surprise

wasn’t it.

The F.A. declined to overturn Robbie Keane’s red card yesterday, oh what a shocker, the suits guard their own no matter how inept.

They are up there with the B.B.C. and the government for promoting individuals above their ability and keeping them at all costs in jobs they should be rightly sacked for.

Suppose the real shocker was the fact Ledley King didn’t injure himself during the 45 minutes he played for the reserves last night, it’s good to see him back, much missed but also good that they haven’t really rushed it as clubs normal do these days, given him a chance to really recuperate and make sure he isn’t straight back into the treatment room.

Now the ironies of ironies can the Woolwich Wanderers do England a service tonight by getting Big Sam the sack which would surely result in Shearer getting the Toon hot seat, where he’ll no doubt fail and remove himself from ever being thought of for the top job ever again.

Watching Celtic progress to the knockout stages of the Champions League last night reminded me why I’ve seriously cut down my viewing of Jock football, even against a team that weren’t bothered or really trying Celtic managed to look tenth rate, aimlessly humping the ball up the park to no one in particular, never keeping possession, passing the ball to anyone in a state of blind panic especially those teammates with three Milan players surrounding them.

But through all that crap one player shone, Inzaghi, is he the worst player ever, he does bugger all throughout the game except be offside and has somehow come out of last nights game as the all time top scorer in the European Cup. It’s the Andy Cole syndrome, crap strikers can get away with playing in teams that create a lot of chances. Inzaghi’s gaping open goal back pass header to Celtic goalkeeper Borus really sums him up, surprised it didn’t seem to be up on YouTube yet.

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