Even Scouse stereotypes

can’t do us a favour.

Much like when Spurs legend El Tel pulled Chelsea’s name out last season but this time it was the “calm down, calm down” caricature John Aldridge.

And so thanks to Ian Rush’s stand in, if we get past the scummy pikies of that dullard Coppell in the replay, it’s off to Old Trafford and a 4th round (proper – T. Brooking) game against ManUre.

Now hopefully Fergie will decide and rest either Ronaldo or Rooney as they aren’t the same without one of them, no matter what drunken old Jock soaks say in MotD studios there isn’t a great depth to the squad. Take out either of those mentioned there isn’t a replacement – Ronalod and Giggs both wingers that get forward, the latter plays that floating supporting role now and yet Ronaldo has near on 40 goals over the last 2 seasons and Giggs has 100 over 17 years – and the player not rested can be controlled easier than if there was the pair, as Villa showed on Saturday. Different team when both are on the park.

Well chances are the tie will be on the Beeb so it’ll be crap to watch, three games at the weekend one was half decent other two were utter shite and there’ll be no upset, it doesn’t happen live on the Beeb much as it didn’t live and exclusive on ITV, as both channels have done their part along with scummy managers like Wenger and Coppell to devalue the competition.

It’s getting absurd and I’m fed up of seeing my name in the papers all the time.

I wish the press would leave me alone. I just want to play my game.

It’s obvious that the speculation will continue to the end. But the worst thing is that I see ‘my’ quotes which I’ve never said and it’s something that makes me feel bad.

Dimitar Berbatov

Good to finally hear the thoughts of Berbatov (above) about all this speculation on his future, especially during this transfer window, now if he just tells his agent to shut the fuck up or fires him all the better.

D. Berbatov – “Tonight Mathew I’m going to be Greta Garbo

But that wouldn’t work for the media types, especially drunken old soak ex-players (yes the same one) who go telly and say they’d like to see him move to a bigger club. Suppose he’d also like to see for example Torres move to a club where he had the chance of winning the league and away from a club that’s going to be in a real crises very soon, or other pundits who seem to think selling on Berbatov wouldn’t be the same as their beloved club being a feeder club for Barca 🙄

5 Replies to “Even Scouse stereotypes”

  1. The scouse played completely shite. If Benitez can’t put out a team that can destroy the likes of Wigan and Luton by at least 4 goals then he should be asking questions of himself. I like him, he’s brought us a CL, a FA Cup and a CL Runner Up in the three years. But time is running out for him I think.

    As for Spurs. Completely w*nk this season. HTH 😎

  2. As I said to Nige the other day I don’t think Benitez will out stay Big Sam, Yanks don’t like him and don’t take pouty shite like that and think when all that cash is splashed there should be something to show for it not the likes of Dirk Kuyt running round like a headless chicken (knew I was right when I said we didn’t want that bum at the Lane) while Torres “rests”.

    And now his supporters like yourself are questioning him it can’t be long.

    But we can improve 😛

    And another ‘Pool player confirming stereotypes priceless

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