A Goose in the

Rich Goose Gossage Topps card 1982
Rich Goose Gossage Topps card 1982


Good to see that some baseball writers can get somethings right with Rich “Goose” Gossage being elected to the Hall Of Fame yesterday with an 85.8% vote.

One of my favourite Yankees, not just because of his deeds on the mound but mainly because he was the first Yank player who I got in a packet of Topps cards (right) – bought in a sweet (candy) shop in downtown Guayaquil – and so was one of the first players of the day I’d heard of.

Jim Catfish Hunter - Pitch Like A Pro - pitching manual
Jim Catfish Hunter - Pitch Like A Pro - pitching manual

Of course I’d heard of the huge names of the past, The Babe, DiMaggio, Yogi etc but Goose joined Billy Martin (who I’m sure was in a British Airways ad kicking dirt at an ump) and “Catfish” Hunter whose “Pitch Like A Pro” booklet and ball I’d got for my birthday not long before, that booklet and ball took some use, as did the wall down the side of the house that double as a back stop.

The next one was of course Donnie Baseball, so thinking about it was it the taches that made them my favs 😯 😀

So anyway congrats Goose, well deserved. Alex Belth over at SI.com as good article about Goose.

New York Yankees future stars 1982 Topps #83
New York Yankees future stars 1982 Topps #83 - Steve Balboni, Andy McGaffigan & Andre Roberton

Looking at the card that was next to the Goose, in my rather small collection, it was the 1982 Yankees future stars and I’m not too sure you class them as stars now. Steve Balboni, nice strikeout number, Andy McGaffigan, well ten years in the majors, threw seven innings in 2 games for the Yanks. And Andre Robertson, five years at the yanks and 254 games. Steve Lombardi at WasWatching has a good little piece about Andre.

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