Now why would Scientologists not

Tom Cruise Scientology Video - ( Original UNCUT )

want this video spread round the world?

What’s wrong with using it as a recruiting tool…

…who wouldn’t want to be like movie superstar Tom Cruise, except for the midget thing of course, surely this if anything is going to get the masses flooding in to be plugged up to the E-Meter for an audit.

John Sweeney couldn’t have done a better job 😀

Chances are they’ll be running around getting all the versions of this removed from YouTube so if the video has been zapped try Gawker for the full version.

One Reply to “Now why would Scientologists not”

  1. Believing a religion is everyone right…So, why should we bother Tom’s belief. But, at video era we must be very carefull with our militant statement. Because, once our statement is published, it will need extra effort to handle the effect.

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