Who says teh interweb

is global and has no boundaries?

Well certainly not Google who have decided that there’s no point in people who live outside the Americas or Japan offering Adsense Referrals on their sites.

So yes I got that email yesterday saying…

As part of ongoing efforts to optimise revenue opportunities for our publishers, we’re constantly experimenting with new revenue-enhancing features as well as tweaking those products already available to our publishers. This is the case for referral units directing visitors to sign up for AdSense. After experimenting with this programme over the past year, we’ve concluded that there are other products that are of higher value than this programme to publishers in your region. As a result, referral units for the AdSense programme will be retired in the coming weeks.

The Google AdSense Team

Ah retired, off to god’s waiting room…Florida…for a well earned rest.

Obviously signups based in the US, Brazil or Japan are better if they come through a link from a site that’s run by someone in those countries 🙄

There’s a few slightly miffed individuals out there who have seen income wiped just like that, especially those that have signups that could reach the $100 just after the scheme runs out, or indeed those in the Americas or Japan where the pricing structure has changed, i.e. they get less.

Looking at my stats today I noticed they’ve wiped all the data there for Adsense Referrals so I can’t even check to see how many clicks and conversions I got over the last couple of years.

So off to delete all the Adsense Referral code from this site, and others, wouldn’t want to send them traffic that they obviously have no need for or indeed actively don’t want.

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