There for the taking

and Spurs didn’t turn up.

How many years now since Spurs won away at Chelsea? How long since Lineker scored that winner?

You’d think this one of the best chances – after a pretty good performance midweek away against the wandering scum and the opposition missing a bunch of their big name players, Terry, Lumpalard, Drogba, Shevchenko, Essien, Mikel and new boy £15m signing Anelka only on the bench – to end that hex.

But no, a midfield one player light, usually Jenas this time round the Prince and a defence that backs off for someone to score a screamer.

Same old, same old. The so called big four remain a stumbling block, especially away.

I am surprise that Robinson wasn’t blamed by the media and fickle fans for both the 30 yard screamer and their second by Wright-Phillips, even though he was sat on the bench for the second game running.

Can’t say this renewed talk of signing Downing from ‘Boro is going down well, the kid looked to have something when he came out of their academy and got into the first team but then the McClown took over and all the promise was lost, just have to look at his performances for England. No pace, no dribbling skills, no crossing accuracy, a million quid squad player maybe, at a push he is after all only 23 but £8m and a first XI, no way. A good run down of the situation over at Dear Mr. Levy.

‘Arry says he said no to the Toon, they say they said no to him, didn’t want a sarf coast commuter in charge.

I can see the dream team coming home Keggy Keegle and dullard Shearer – happy, happy, joy, joy – well they say all the Toon crave is entertainment, did they get enough of that on Saturday?

Will Mark Hughes really want the job while the specter of Shearer is hanging about all the time.

I had figured that Benitez would be gone before Big Sam and with Munich of the Bayern (© Alan McInally) saying they brought in Jurgen so they could get him as ‘Pool were in discussions with the ex-German boss and now ‘Pool co-owner Tom Hicks saying they held talks with Klinsmann as far back as November how long has the miserable, pouty, dummy spitting, very lucky Spaniard got at Anfield?

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