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  1. The headline for this grand effort should have read:
    Chelsea kicked into touch by Super Spurs

    Being a supporter since around 1957, I think I am qualified to say that I’ve seen it all. But, nothing compares to those heady days of the sixties – all thanx to Billy Nick…

    It is however, that particular brand of rejuvenation that has been needed, and right now totters has the win that might well send them sailing into the top four, and who knows, next season: The Double?

    I believe the new cry from the terrace should now be
    Nine is a Magic Number…

    Go-on yooo spuuurs

    Happy Boy

  2. Yeah Gaz, good to get one over them and the Woolwich Pikeys in the semis.

    And it’s an indication of where Juande has worked over BMJ, no matter how much I liked the big Dutchman and how much he did for the club during his spell in charge, there was some fundamental flaws there, he did kind of fail when it came to the crunch, especially against the so called top four.

    The Double, Lou? Not without a top notch central midfield that can boss games, which Jenas will never do, no matter how many people are blinded by him being able to run around.

    But if King Ledley can get over his knee, Woodgate stays fit, I’ve even come round more to Hutton, when Bale gets back that defence is about as good as you’ll get and it’ll give them confidence to play the proper way and go on from here.

    I’ll be very happy with a cup double this year 😉

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