Yes I’m harking back

Teemu Tainio Look At The Score

to Sunday…

And I still know it was only the League Cup but this is priceless.

Teemu Tainio being very professional and taking his time over a throw, getting booked, then pointing out the score to Joe Cole when he starts whinging then Drogba when he has to have his tuppence worth of a strop and thus wastes even more of what little time there was left.

So what was the best thing to come out of the final victory?

Well that and the semi showed they can overcome the so call “big four” in important matches, something they failed to do under BMJ. He took them far but Ramos has taken them over that hump that stalled Jol’s tenure and they have something to show for it.

They held out, defending a lead for most of the extra time, which previously would have been unthinkable. If they can keep Woodgate fit and get Ledley’s knee sorted out – has he been over to that knee specialist Dr Richard Steadman in Colorado, if not why not he’s as good as it gets with knee injuries – then that’s about as good a central pair as you’ll get. With Bale back from his injury – which won’t be helped by throwing away your crutch to celebrate young man 😉 – and I’m even coming round to Hutton taking the rightback spot permanently it’s a great back line and will give Robinson enough confidence for him to return to his best. And with a defence like that you just have to add a quality midfield general and games can be bossed.

It’s a place in next years UEFA Cup, so there isn’t as much pressure on this years campaign as it was the only way they were going to qualify by winning it as the league qualification position has gone. So they can relax a bit and play more like they did last season not the uptight way of this. PSV will be tough in the next round but the confidence of a final win and what it meant to the players to lift some silverware – it certainly meant a bit to Robbie Keane – should be in their minds and they’ll want to repeat that feeling.

But is the main plus point the look on Dimitar Berbatov’s face when he scored the penalty and when he was celebrating round Wembley with the trophy. Winning things will keep him at the club, that’s all he wants to win oh and be loved by the fans and as long as he stays, does what he does, the latter is pretty much guaranteed.

It’s funny a little over a week ago Avram Grant was the best thing since sliced bread, all we heard was how his record in his first so many games compared favourably with Jose’s record but since Sunday it’s a complete about turn and he’s now the worst manager they’ve ever had. I still think he should be sat at a desk with a small white furry caterpillar dancing up and down beside him making squeaking sounds and a tall crow in a mac saying “Sì, Barone!

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