What’s the difference between a toad

Chelsea manager Avram Grant doing his best ARSEne Whinger impersonation
Chelsea manager Avram Grant doing his best ARSEne Whinger impersonation

and a frog?

Well not very much going by the witterings of Baron Greenback when he did his best ARSEne Whinger impersonation after the four all draw between Spurs and Chelski last night.

I didn’t see it but the referee was very close and I saw everybody jump on him, including the Tottenham bench.

I know when we are doing this everybody says we are not behaving right. We have a lot of respect for referees. Avram “Baron Greenback” Grant

Pure Wengerism – I saw nothing even though it was right in front of him – with a bit of Fergieism – it’s all their fault we did nothing wrong, we never do.

There are certain usual suspects out there that in no way could claim to respect refs and a lot of them play for Grant, as soon as a whistle blows Terry, Cole, Lumpalard, Essien, Drogba etc are straight round the ref either complaining about the decision or trying to get the opposition player into more trouble.

And they were all at it last night after Cole’s shocking lunge at Hutton, with Cole being the worst of the lot, showing exactly what a scummy little git he is, well being brought up at one scummy club then being further schooled at another it is no surprise. Though it is surprising he bothered to turn up when he could have been chucking up in some slags bedroom.

But then why should he show the officials “respec innit” when they act like Riley did during all that went on. It was a dead on red card, did Riley give it? No after much prannying about he gave a yellow and let Cole away with all the gobbing off, walking away and pointing at the back of his shirt, which was worthy of at least a yellow card. Even away from home the ref bottled giving the decision against Chelsea. No doubt in his next game officiating he’ll send someone off for slightly brushing their hand on another players face.

Down three times and getting back to 4-4 should be happy against a bogey team but if Berba had just finished off that last gasp chance, 5-4 would have been much better 😀

And yet again it can be no coincidence that Spurs were a better outfit after half time when Jenas didn’t come out for the second half. Though Huddlestone didn’t cover himself in glory with that shocking dive attempt, it’s not the done thing Thudd leave that to the likes of the Woolwich Pikies.

67 goals scored in 14 league games at the Lane this season, knocking on 100 for all competitions, it’s the place for entertainment.

Though it’s the last time I listen to the BBC/Sky etc when they give out team info, Keane unlikely to play, well that final goal with two minutes to go was pretty damn good for someone unfit to play and I would have had him in my fantasy team instead of Bent – couldn’t afford Berba – did the 19th best paid player in the world even have a touch in the twenty minutes he was on the park 😕

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