What’s one more undeserved cap

to add to the large number he’s already got?

Obviously this isn’t a sentimental choice for Capello to pick Beckham in the squad to face France next week, after all what more could he do to show his match fitness than play a whole 90 minutes in a charity match against FC Dallas.

Now regular meaningful league games in the MLS are crap so how bad would a friendly charity job be? What exactly would a player have to do in such a game to prove he was up to an international, even one that’s a friendly?

There’s only a few more of these friendlies to go before the real thing kicks in so, and qualifying for the next World Cup starts, if you’re going to give him that 100th cap Fabio get it over and done with, he can then go back to L.A. get a new tattoo and or kid to commemorate, pal about with Tom Cruise and we can forget about him and get on with the real game not the showbiz.

These friendlies should be used to bed in the players to the new way of doing things and trying those that are on form right now in real leagues and looking forward not harking back to past failures. Yes Svennis made England caps mean less but they aren’t that worthless yet.

In reality that’s why he shouldn’t get that cap, he should stay at 99 because it sums his time in the team that he never really reached the goal and ultimately failed when it mattered in an England shirt.

But if he does get that dreamed of 100th it should just come with a Barry Bonds style asterisk next to it when he’s listed with the likes of Moore, Charlton, Wright & Shilton, indicating that it wasn’t done on merit as at least half of those were awarded because of the fawning star struck Svennis.

Much talk lately about Christiano Ronaldo being up there with George Best after the Portuguese winger surpassed the Ulsterman’s Man Utd. goal scoring record for a non centre forward. There’s been a few mentioned before, soon fools mention the donkey above, Best laughed at the thought of Giggs, don’t know what he’d make of Ronaldo, might even be happy at the comparison.

But and it’s a big but the current starlet can’t really be on the same level ’til he does what he does on a ploughed field, with a sodden leather ball, after a full night out on 10 pints and a few bottles of champagne in the company of a couple Miss Worlds.

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