I’m H-A-P-P-Y, I’m H-A-P-P-Y

I know I am, I’m sure I am, I’m H-A-P-P-Y.

Yes keep singing that to yourself Fabio, it’ll gloss over those other feelings you have about last night’s 1-0 embarrassment by France 😕

I’ve just told the players I’m happy about what they did. We made progress compared to the Switzerland game, even though we won that.

I’m happy because I saw some good things, especially because we were playing against a top-level team.

Another thing I’m happy about is that I made the team play in two different ways by switching formation. I could see plenty of players. So my ideas are a lot clearer.Fabio Capello

What could he be happy about?

Well that 100th (undeserved) cap was out of the way and Beckham can now be forgotten about, last night should really show everyone who has banged on for the last few months about how he deserves the honour that he has no place in the international game, just a shame they didn’t figure out that some time back, all the evidence was for all to see.

So slow and ponderous it was unbelievable as he constantly ended up at right back with Wes Brown in front of him. Never been one to beat a defender, but give him five yards space was what Beckham was telling what his game consisted of. When does anyone of his lack of ability get five yards of space in the international game once, never mind constantly, as his stand still 1 in a 100 killer crosses needs.

It is now over for him no matter what he says about carrying on to the next World Cup finals, or what someone who is trying to promote the MLS thinks or what any muppet, Sir Les Patterson look-a-like, in an England shirt with 100 on the back thinks.

The other positives Fabio can take from it, well Wes Brown is another one who should never turn out in an England shirt again. Totally out of his depth, he had promise some time back but injuries and becoming a bit part player at club level did for that.

The original formation can work if the right players are played in the right positions, and one thing is changed – the full backs need to be allowed forward more.

That means Rooney doesn’t start up front on his tod, he does far too much running around to do that job, it requires someone who does go past the width of the box or drop deep. Rooney is too desperate to get into the game to be disciplined enough to do the job.

Cause when he drops deep who is left up front, Mr MIA himself Gerrard, here’s another positive another nothing game by the Liverpool captain, he could have almost been playing ManUre while one of his players was talking himself into being sent off. Another cap, what about 65 now, and you still wouldn’t need more than one hand to count the decent games.

Rooney should be in the supporting role letting him run the game, with a real striker ahead of him, I personally would have gone with Defoe he’s full of confidence and on form at the moment.

Well they passed the ball about a bit, but it was mindless passing for passing sake against a team that didn’t really press. That will get us nowhere fast and in a competitive game will result in lost possession, pace is required in the game, especially from the wider players.

Another positive, well Terry is finally playing for his country the way he plays for his club, because recently for Chelsea he’s been useless at defending set pieces, much the same way he has for England for a long time now.

Last night showed all that.

So Fabio has a lot to be H-A-P-P-Y about, unless of course he doesn’t learn from the positives above and decides to stick with the same tired old star names who have consistently failed in the past. What are the chances of that happening 🙄

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  1. Well, I think Fabio deserve to feel happy, but he should also listen to what my parent said to me…Don’t get happy to easy because of what you’ve achieved now.

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