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can be the only reason for…

I have a David Beckham and he can be our Ronaldo. Fabio Capello

Or maybe it was the way he said it, did he 🙄 when the last part came out of his mouth?

Thinking Rooney can be Torres is stupid enough but Beckham being Ronaldo is one of the most stupid things I’ve heard out of a manager’s gob in a long while and it’s not like he doesn’t have a lot of competition on that front.

This even more retarded than Captain Pugwash questioning Mascherano’s sending off at the weekend, or Baron Greenback’s blathering about the respect his side show refs and how Cashley Cole should be credited for a mealy mouthed apology.

I mean even McClown realised there was no future in Beckham when he tried – unfortunately unsuccessfully – to get Svennis to drop him during the last World Cup finals and then axed the player from his squad. Sheer desperation saw his recall as McClown desperately tried to hang onto his job but that act showed how useless he was in the job.

Yet again we were promised a new future and a couple months and two whole games in it’s all gone…

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