We want our money back


We know what happened, you know what really happened – after all you employed him.

But your retarded gobbing off and trying to prove things that even if they had actually occurred you would never have got to the bottom of has cost this nation about ten million quid.

Well we’ve set up a payment plan Mo, it involves you paying over all the cash right now and then you and your bouffanted lackey buggering off to blurt your stupid rants to someone who gives a shit – apparently there’s millions.

You’ve got to wonder at the 38% of people in that survey that thought it was money well spent, they should be removed from the voting register straight away and then sterilised.

2 Replies to “We want our money back”

  1. Yes-yes, it rips to the guts that an irk like Al-Fayed could take the British peoples money to support what I and many others beleive was a forgone conclusion…
    The question is now; Do we need this loose canon in our midst…?
    Personally, I Don’t Think So…!
    So why don’t we get rid of him…?
    Everybody: Stop shopping at Harrods…
    And then maybe, when he returns back to the hole whenst he came, the Queen could start using this great shop once again…

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