But they want Charlton Heston

ED WOOD - They want Charlton Heston to play a Mexican...

as a Mexican.

It’s a scene I always remember when Chuck’s name came up, well “Ed Wood” and “Touch Of Evil” are two of my favourite films.

A strange creature Heston, not very good actor in some very memorable films that seemed to be either god botherers or sci-fi environmentalist jobs with cracking endings…

…or some downright garbage.

Then there’s all that politics malarkey, one minute left wing causes next right wing – you think they’ve got that gun from his cold dead hand by now?

With Richard Widmark – one of the greatest villainous sneers ever as Tommy Udo in “Kiss Of Death” – dying last month and Chuck now there’s very few of the huge Hollywood names of that era left. Can only think of Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis being still around.

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