Now that is good news

pity it’s taken so long.

Ian Wright has spat his dummy and is buggering off from the Beeb. Not that he would be employed much after the summer when they have sod all to show.

Don’t all cheer at once now, after all we still have to put up with that useless twat of a sidekick of his Mark Bright, the Norman Collier of TV commentary. And that dullard Shearer is still there, repeating the question he’s just been asked by Lineker, with Alan “a bit too long in the green room” Hanson.

No Wrighty you weren’t the “comedy jester” as there was no comedy involved and you’ve never reached the heights of a jester. You are a clown but closer to the mark would be of course your favourite term of endearment a muppet.

I can’t think of a better forum for your retarded drivel than talkSport.

People do want something different but that something certainly ain’t you. No doubt the Beeb will replace him with a like for like cretinous oaf who doesn’t even have English as a second language.

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