I’m tore down

Gibson Robot Les Paul
Gibson Robot Les Paul

I’m almost level with the ground.

One thing that tends to happen to my guitar related gear is at some point it’s taken apart to have a good look around inside to see what’s what.

All my guitars have been disassembled over the years, some admittedly took a while to be reassembled, in fact there’s an old no name Far East job I picked up for two quid that’s never been put back together, it does need some work done on it and one of these days I may get round to it stranger things have happened.

Most the other stuff, amps and effects etc have had their backs taken off and a good poke around inside.

This lead to the recent EVH Phase 90 pedal mentioned in the last post, well this and laziness. I’d dug out my CryBaby Wah after posting about EVH’s signature model and thought I’d find some wah modification online to get a better sound out of it, tons of DIY effects sites and an article read in a magazine later and I’d started to think wouldn’t it be cool to make your own pedals.

Only real problem being the vast majority of the sites were U.S. based, not so many over here and it’s far easier to get the materials over there. Then noticed Build Your Own Clone had a distributor this side of the pond but then laziness kicked in and I found I could get the aforementioned Phaser for just a little more ready built on eBay that the equivalent kit would be.

But it still looks like something I should get round to doing – again one of these days – as does the other sites I checked out about building your own amp. An amp you built yourself, now that does sound cool. The Amp Maker Kits look good as does the Egnater 2 day building course, though that would require a trip to Michigan.

Anyway what has this all to do with anything, well if I ever bought a $2,799 guitar such as the Gibson Robot Les Paul I don’t know if I’d be so quick to get out the screw driver and have it in parts as the Embedded Systems Conference did in their teardown.

Now did they put it all back together again and if so did it work?

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  1. I’m with you. Every piece of gear I’ve owned has been taken apart and inspected by yours truly. It’s out of an intense curiousity and an ever growing need to f-up what is seemingly in good working order…lol!

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