I am a victim of the science age

Van Halen Atomic Punk Live in London 1978

a child of the storm. Whoa, yes.

Now I’m a guitar gear head, always reading about the latest piece of gear out, online or in magazines, giving them a quick once over in shops. Always checking out what my favourite artists are adding to their setups, even if I don’t see the relationship as with Eddie Van Halen and his new signature wah pedal.

MXR EVH Phase 90
MXR EVH Phase 90. You'll never lose this pedal with that light on.

The thing is I never actually get round to buying any of it, in fact with regards to pedals I’ve not bought anything for years. The last pedal I got I won from a magazine competition a DOD FX96 Analog Delay. Mostly I just stick the cord in the amp, no hassle, no extra plug sockets needed, no batteries except when I’m using my Smokey Amp, my CryBaby wah and Boss unit in the cupboard gathering dust with the DOD.

So I was having a squizz round eBay, a place I’ve been a member of for quite a while but never bothered using, except once for an Al Bundy Polk High t-shirt, thought I’d go over the pedals on sale see if there was any bargains.

Well there weren’t that many, what looked like one would soon turn out not to be at the last minute as the bids flew up. Anyway I eventually managed a few winning bids.

And so for the last few days I’ve riffing away with some nice slow phasing courtesy of the MXR EVH Phase 90 pictured, it’s been all two note chords, three note inversions and that debut Van Halen album’s tracks. Phase set to stun – come on I had to use that phrase – script button engaged and speed set between 8 and 10 o’clock, otherwise known as 9 mainly.

OK so the Smokey ain’t exactly a Marshall Super Lead plexi or a 5150, neither are my other amps so it isn’t the Brown Sound but I haven’t switched that pedal off, for overdriven rhythm work it has to be on.

One thing, with that blazing blue LED you never lose the thing in the dark

I kept being outbid for the EVH Flangers about so ended up with another model, haven’t used that so much as there’s too many knobs on it but will get round to it so I can “Rock On…”.

Nobody rules these streets at night but me, nobody. Ahhhhhh!

The Atomic Punk!

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