A-a-a-a Up Pompey


It’s a change of tack, throughout this season’s F.A. cup it’s been great fun the minnows beating the big boys but lets hope it stops tomorrow.

It’s time to back the top division team against their lower league opposition in the final, Pompey over Cardiff.

Why? Well if the Taffs win they’ll be even more unbearable than usual, it’s bad enough they’ve got their way to get that phlegm induced dirge sung before the game. It’s the English cup final, English anthem should be the only one played at Wembley for the cup final, they didn’t play the Frog anthem when the Woolwich Wanderers played in the final.

All the bleating about a place in Europe if they won, well I think it was a Kidderminster fan I read who said his side were denied entry into Europe from getting to the Welsh Cup final – don’t know if they played the English national anthem at the final – by the Welsh F.A.

Along with that there’s the playing both cards, they want to take an English place in Europe but cried off to the Welsh F.A. to get Darren Purse’s recent red card overturned meaning he can play in the final. How exactly does that work, it was a game in the English league played in England, Burnley, and how legit was the decision when it looked a shocker of a tackle that Cole said was the worst he’d been on the end of that resulted in him needed 10 stitches in the hole in his leg.

So come on ‘Arry twitch twitch and the Spurs Old Boys…

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