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Sex and the City Film
5 ways not to see the hags in the Sex And The City film

out there.

It came from this weeks Monkey Mag with regards a certain film that may not be one you will want to camp out overnight to see.

Frightening ain’t it, don’t know what’s worse those fixed fake smiles on all four of them or the individual horror of the ginga hag second from the right, the really old scouse slapper next to her, or the horse on the left. Every time I see her I figure someone is going to ask her a maths question at which point she’ll neigh and then stamp out the answer with her hoof.

Shame there isn’t the Family Guy clip up on YouTube where Peter Griffin quite rightly pinpoints Parker’s looks when he says she has a “face like a foot”.

Read an article in a paper recently, I have no idea why, where some old woman wondered why a bloke didn’t want to come back in for a coffee after what she thought was a good date. She used a quote from said TV show to highlight her plight and then brought up many question for why it went wrong. Folks sent letters in giving reasons but not one of them got it right.

Any bloke with anything about him will run a mile when they find some sad old desperate bint quoting from “Hags And The City”.

So there you are fellas, chances are one of the five phrases listed above is guaranteed to get you out of the living nightmare that could be sitting through a movie version of that crap.

This has been a public service announcement.

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