Typical crybaby

Controversy on Ryan Sidebottom collides with Grant Elliott,

antipodean antics.

Elliot’s run out in the ODI on Wednesday caused a hell of a lot of moralising and hand wringing so typical from down under.

Forget what that prat Nicholas says, Sidebottom doesn’t have to get out of anyone’s way but Elliot does (Law 37.1), he knows he’s not going to get to the other end and charges into Sidebottom, his fault he paid the price.

Did England whinge when Bell had to run out of his path to avoid a fielder and was run out in a previous game? No. But anything goes against those from darn sarf and it’s chuck the toys out of the pram time.

We’ve seen it so many times with the rugby side so why should the cricket team be any different. How long have we seen it with the 15 man game, a player conveniently trapped in a ruck blocking quick ball or a lazy runner slowly “trying” to get back onside with his hands in the air somehow getting in the path of a quick pass, or the targeting of the opponents danger player with a sly shoulder charge or spearing (Brian O’Driscoll).

But anything similar that goes against them and the crying, whinging and general spoilt brat childish antics are very quick to follow.

Because they would never go against the spirit of the game, such as say running a player out who thought the ball was dead and was going to congratulate his team mate on a ton with no interest on nicking a run.

Collingwood shouldn’t have apologised, even more so after they closed the door on him.

Come the Stanford 20/20 tournament and there’s $20 million riding on a such a decision will be interesting to see what Vettori et al would do then.

Would also be interesting to see what a fielder would do in Swann’s position and a useless throw at the stumps could cost him and his mates a hell of a lot of money, Swann said if he had his time again he’d do the exact same thing. Well as we’ve previously been told so many times it’s only the positives they take from losing and there’s no evidence of them actually “learning from this”.

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  1. I was going to write something about this too but my usual level of procrastination took hold and I didn’t 😉

    I agree completely. I was reading the BBC live text and someone brought up the Murali incident. Obviously the spirit of the game is to be as hypocritical as possible

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