Thank you Russia

what am I gonna do for the final now.

Russia win the semi-final last night and Sunday’s final is easy, support the Guus Hiddink led Ruskies over the Germans. Though it would make it hard to know he could have been ours.

Soviet Army Hat Badge
Red star hammer and sickle Soviet army hat badge

But no it wasn’t gonna be that easy as they put in their worst display since their opening group game against the same opposition when they were thumped 4-1 by Spain. Well this display was even worse than that game actually, the Russians were anaemic especially the missing in action – though still brilliantly named – Arshavin.

This was worse though, they looked a better outfit in the first game, just a bit dodgy at the back, this could rank as bad as losing 3-0 to McCLown’s England in qualifying. None of the verve of the games against Sweden or the Dutch, no crosses from the byline from the fullbacks and Arshavin that cause those opponents so much trouble and created the Russians goals. Though it has be said Sergio Ramos had an excellent game at rightback and didn’t really give the Ruskie leftback Zhirkov much chance.

So what to do on Sunday I don’t want that chimp faced scumbag Aragones to win, I don’t want that smug Woolwich Wanderers prat Fabregarse to win, or those stupid scouse kids on the BBC ads who had never heard of Torres a few months back to be crowing about it, along with all the red wearing media types.

And on the other hand at least the Spanish play good football, something you really can’t say about the Germans, who just play to their abilities and strengths and always get through. Hard to say if this final team is worse than the one that reached the 2002 World Cup final but it shows up the England players. We’re crap and don’t even get to the tournament they’re crap and are a gnats chuff away from picking up the trophy.

They were exceptionally crap against the Turks in the other semi, but just like them they won it when chances are in the same situation very few other sides wold have. If Mertesacker and Metzelder are the best Joachim Low can pick from the Bundesliga then it’s no wonder hat useless article Luca Toni scores so many goals over there. Not that I really wanted Turkey to win but the did play football on the night all the way through the game instead of only in the last few minutes as in their previous outings.

And who really wants to see that interminably smug duo of Ballack and Lehmann with winners medals round their necks? It’s like choosing which method you wan to be executed by, electrocution or lethal injection.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been wearing that old Soviet army red star hammer sickle hat badge I picked up in the 1980’s.

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